Civ is a game, a great game, that is played in many guises. It is played as a single player game, against AI that are little more than a series of challenges, predictable from the start of the game. It is a multiplayer game, cut throat and vicious, and faster than most casual players can handle, but it is still predictable after the third or fourth game. But then, it is played in another fashion, in Pitboss and PBEM forms, slow enough that most players can think what to do, and talk about the game, conduct diplomacy and wage war like the overseer that they wish they were.

But they are still predictable. And this is because of how Apolyton, CFC, and others have formed and grown, with strategy articles, SP tournament games, and little time for reflection and consideration of the games played on the Uberfast Ladder scene and quiter-fest that is Gamespy MP.

We have attempted to change that, and we hope that those of you that want to learn how to be better players, that respect each other, and enjoy the company of like minded individuals, will join us over at in fighting the best suited opponents in this great game of ours that we can find - each other.