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Thread: Edge Scrolling Keeps Scrolling During Turns

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    Hel Styrkyr
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    Edge Scrolling Keeps Scrolling During Turns

    I've found this annoying bit of a bug with Civ 5; while I'm playing, I'll hit "End Turn" to let the computer process everything, and while I wait for the computer, I tend to scroll around the map looking at things, looking at my empire, planning stratagies, etc. What I have noticed is that to scroll, I'll push my mouse pointer to the edge of the screen. Scrolls with no problem. But when I take my mouse away from the edge to stop scrolling, it keeps scrolling in the direction it was going. It's very annoying. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and if so, have you found a fix for it? Thanks.

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    Yes, it is annoying and the only fix I found is not to try and do anything during the computers turn.


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