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    Unhappy sorry for not helping much....

    Hi to all!

    After about a month at reserv duty in the army I lost much of truck I had on the game and since I dont see how can i return to pace.
    Becouse of the above I'm going to allmost totaly lower my profile in planning threads. I hope I'll be able to help here and then, I'm just not sure how much I'll be able to do so.

    Any way Im a proud hiverian and I'll stay here posting and trying to make you smile
    "Some one told me former operators are not supposed to think much, that's good. I think that was the reason I took this job, ha, that and of course the fact the commissar said so." -t_ras: life through the former operators eye :)

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    We are proud to have you t-ras. Don't worry many of us become busy at that unrealistic "real life" time and again. And don't hesitate to throw in whatever idea you have any time when you have time to think a little about the game, otherwise we will still enjoy hearing about the life of the former diver.
    Be good, and if at first you don't succeed, perhaps failure will be back in fashion soon. -- teh Spamski

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