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Update. I played it, then played it again, and so on. Hooked.

Too much to write on the Civilization Games Wiki, where it doesn't quite fit. So it's now on a brand-new wiki, - where the many things that are not mentioned on the in-game Help screens can be covered by contributors with experience and/or access to a Manual.

It had a sequel, "Imperialism II: The Age of Discovery", which has more elements that will be familiar to players of "Colonization"; it seems to be also downloadable at no charge from a different website. It's mentioned on the wiki too.

Players of either game would be most welcome to join in and make the wiki a more useful resource.

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    im working on a Scenario pack called the 20th century so far only my japan-korea map is nearly complete im also working on north america which as 82 cities for the Americans. americans also play a role in japan-korea map from 1903 with dandong treaty port to 1945 from 1945 to present as south korea . Cuban civilization is independent of spanish civilization. if i complete both maps i can have more then one theater in my war.
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