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    by Published on August 20, 2014 20:33

    If there's any games you're missing in your collection ... It's time to buy!
    by Published on March 1, 2014 00:41

    An interesting article at The Escapist about Civilization and some of the goings-on behind the scenes at Firaxis:


    I have a lot of problems with the methods Firaxis tested this with. Turning off barbs, limiting AI expansion ... those are two critical factors for how big an impact waiting to found your first city will be.

    I myself like to move the other unit first, see if there's a good spot to move the Settler to in a couple of turns or less. A river hill is is hard to pass up moving to. The extra production from the hill will pay off the first move very quickly.

    How about you? In what circumstances do you feel moving the Settler is a good idea?
    by Published on January 16, 2013 01:03
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    joystiq reports that Civilization V may get another expansion, based on a listing in the Steam Apps Database. Neither Firaxis nor 2K ...
    by Published on November 6, 2012 18:47
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    Civilization 5 Patch has been released. That is the big patch announced for this fall. It contains many fixes and tweaks and also support for Windows 8 touch screen support. Here is the list with full patch notes highlighted are the things that were not in the announcement earlier this year:

    [h=BUG FIXES]2[/h]
    • Mod Browser - The "Get Mods" button is now hidden if the user has disabled the steam overlay.

    [h=Civilizations and Traits]3[/h]
    • Ottoman naval upkeep is now fixed. Save games that were started before the fix will not be corrected.
    • German UA and Oligarchy social policy now work together correctly.

    [h=City States]3[/h]
    • Mercantile CS now only get a unique luxury for their first city (and not the cities they conquer). Unique luxury is removed upon capture (players can no longer get it by taking over a CS). Unique luxury is given back upon liberation.
    • Prevent double counting of resources when an improvement is gifted to a minor civ, then the minor civ techs up to activate the improvement.
    by Published on September 29, 2012 21:20
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    A new Civilization 5 patch has been announced by 2K Greg on 2K Games Forums. Here are the Civ5 patch notes and what 2K Greg says about:

    Here's a fun surprise for you guys to read over the weekend: Patch notes for the upcoming "Fall Patch!"

    There's no ETA for this patch at the moment other than "fall"

    There are some popular requests in here that I bet will make some of you very happy.

    And so without further ado:

    Modding Addendum

    The DLL source code will be released with the fall patch, allowing modders to compile modified DLLs for their Civilization V mods.



    • Mod Browser - The "Get Mods" button is now hidden if the user has disabled the steam overlay.
    by Published on July 12, 2012 02:14
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    And the winner is.... OzzyKP!

    Apolyton Civilization Site congratulates OzzyKP for winning the Civilization 5: Gods & Kings review contest.
    OzzyKP wrote a lengthy review of the latest civ expansion and dressed it up with pictures and screenshots. It's clear that a lot of work has been put into this piece of work. OzzyKP tries to give a nuanced write up about the latest civ incarnation and is able to stay away from both mindless hate and fanboy love. His conclusion shows this off quite well: "Overall the expansion is decidedly an improvement. But not enough of one to ultimately fix a flawed game. That said, I did enjoy the few games I played."

    OzzyKP will receive a free copy of the game by having Apolyton pay for his Gods & Kings purchase.
    Congrats again, OzzyKP! And Keep on civin...!
    by Published on July 10, 2012 01:33
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    Rhasto signed up at Apolyton to post his Civilization V: Gods & Kings review! His review is the 3rd submission to our Civilization 5: Gods & Kings review contest. If you like his review, please give him a 'thanks' in the forums. The reviewer that gets most 'thanks' will get his or her Gods & Kings purchase paid back by Apolyton (read the terms & conditions for specific information)

    Civ 5 Gods and Kings Review.
    Many people compare Civ 5 to previous installments of the Civilization game. I am going to try and give a simple, unbiased review of the new features in G&KS, the first expansion for Civ 5.
    The expansion does add several new gameplay features, such as espionage, religion, 9 new Civilizations as well as Several new technologies. The big question is, is it worth it? If you enjoyed Civ 5's gameplay then I would say definetely get the expansion, as it improves the game immensely. If you are a CIV Vet, and you hated Civ 5s gameplay then I would say try the demo available on Steam. Worst case scenario : You don't like it and can get on with your live. Now, on to the new features introduced in the game.
    by Published on July 2, 2012 17:14
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    Civilization V: Patch has been released. It addressed problems that have been found since the Civ5 addon Gods and Kings like the leader shift save game bug, and miscellaneous crashes and bugs. Here is the complete list:


    • Older saves with DLC leaders (including Genghis) will no longer "shift" when loaded into the patched game.


    • If a user does not have a religion, and receives a religion from another Civ, setting the "automated faith purchase" option could previously cause a crash when the purchase tries to fire for either the player, or the AI. This has ...
    by Published on June 25, 2012 02:02
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    Long time Apolyton member Wiglaf is the 2nd person to submit his review of Civilization V: Gods & Kings to Apolyton's Civilization 5: Gods & Kings review contest and is clearly not happy with this expansion pack, read his review to understand why. If you like his review, please give him a 'thanks' in the forums. The reviewer that gets most 'thanks' will get his or her Gods & Kings purchase paid back by Apolyton (read the terms & conditions for specific information)


    Gods and Kings, hitherto 'GK,' is the first expansion to Jon Shafer's last act as a respected member of the PC videogame industry, known as Civilization 5. GK is a continuation of the trend of cashing in on a successful but highly flawed game by tacking on poorly integrated, barely thought-out game features that really should have been included originally, in working format.

    I will break down my thoughts on the additions.

    The name: 'Gods' makes sense, but 'Kings' does not. This is a bad start, and things will only get worse.

    Boring, uneventful, nukeless espionage: The first thing I noticed is that all my spies have only first names, like Albert, or Alexa, or Fred. While I appreciate the need for secrecy, I do not appreciate feeling like I am sending my god damned pet goldfish off to spy on the enemy. These are professionals and they should be named as such. ...
    by Published on June 24, 2012 15:13
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    First contender in Apolyton's Civilization 5: Gods & Kings review contest is OzzyKP. OzzyKP is a long time Civilization fan and known as a dedicated Civ4 diplogamer (multiplayer). If you like his review, please give him a 'thanks' in the forums. The reviewer that gets most 'thanks' will get his or her Gods & Kings purchase paid back by Apolyton (read the terms & conditions for specific information)


    No doubt like most people reading this review, I don't play Civ5 all that much. So it will be difficult to review Gods & Kings since beyond the big ticket items I can't quite tell you what has changed in the game. So consider this review to be from the perspective of a casual gamer, not one who has explored and mastered all the intricacies of the game. Just a regular Joe who doesn't have strong feelings about Civ5, but decided to give the expansion a shot.

    When Civ5 first came out I was pretty excited. I've been playing the Civ franchise since the beginning and love Civ4 dearly. So I followed news of Civ5's development closely. I don't buy many games, but my loyalty to the franchise was strong enough that I went out and bought a copy of the game the first day it was available. In fact, after driving 9 hours from Indiana to Maryland, I went straight to my local Best Buy. Unfortunately Civ5 was sold out, so after my long drive I got back in the car and spent another hour driving to the only other Best Buy in the area with a copy.

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