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  1. Introduction into the Civilization5 Technology Tree

    Welcome to Civilization 5! Hope you enjoy the game.

    I created an overview of the initial parts of the technology tree to provide some orientation. Unlike in Civ4 there is only one starting technology, Agriculture, meaning every civ starts with it and only it, allowing workers to construct farms.

    The initial phase of the game sees a mix of technologies that allow your workers to improve your land accordingly and military ones for defense and/or offense. I will present ...
  2. Introduction into Medieval Start


    Initial Setup

    Compared to Ancient or Classical start games, the initial setup on Medieval is different in only a few, but significant ways.

    First of all it`s the first era where you start with more than one settler. Second your cities get a granary for free from the start. Third you already have Mathematics. Finally Civil Service for Bureaucracy is close and quickly reachable - bulbing it with a Merchant around turn 10 is currently the norm ...
  3. National Wonder #4: Specific. Key for some scenarios. (Civ4)

    This is the fourth edition of a four-part series about National Wonders which is supposed to describe the scenarios in which those play a role. As usual when evaluating a building, unit etc. in civ itīs vital to not only look at effects and abilities, but as well at costs, required technologies and most importantly the overall context: In what situation in what kind of game will the building/unit/etc. help me achieve a certain goal? The more situations and different kinds of scenarios there are, ...
  4. Good UB – Bad UB #4: Unique Buildings (Civ4)

    Even though the title suggests different, there are basically no just good or just bad unique buildings (and units). Every UB and UU has to be evaluated in the context of the game settings and overall strategy itīs supposed to be used in. A (fictional) unique unit archer that gets +100% against melee units is useless in an game played on Islands, where you have no (military) contact with your opponents until Astronomy is researched and archers are long obsolete. A unique building is good if it significantly ...
  5. The Art of Boating (Civ4)

    Boating is the act of loading units into a unit carrying boat (Galley, Galleon, Transport) in order to send them to the opponent. While this may sound mundane, it actually involves many different aspects which combined together significantly influence the game of the player attempting to attack via sea.

    Aspects of Boating

    Boat Types and Technology Requirements

    There are three kinds of boats (and the Portuguese Carrack) that can carry military units.

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