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  1. Defending in Civ 4 MP

    by , September 5, 2010 at 18:12 (Life Debugger - the Civ world from the view point of a coder)
    After our look on the possibilities of attacking we will now examine defending a little bit. We have stated in the previous article that Civ IV is a game that favours the defender. Let`s see what you can do to save your empire from the raging hordes...

    A. Defense basics

    One of the major factors for any defensive effort is terrain. Just to recapitulate: "Flat" terrain gives no defense bonuses, hills give +25% bonus (with an additional +25% for archer units), forests ...

    Updated September 6, 2010 at 07:10 by ·Imhotep·

  2. The Art of Boating (Civ4)

    Boating is the act of loading units into a unit carrying boat (Galley, Galleon, Transport) in order to send them to the opponent. While this may sound mundane, it actually involves many different aspects which combined together significantly influence the game of the player attempting to attack via sea.

    Aspects of Boating

    Boat Types and Technology Requirements

    There are three kinds of boats (and the Portuguese Carrack) that can carry military units.

    Updated September 8, 2010 at 09:39 by jobe

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  3. National Wonder #3: Good. Basic. Not Game Breaking. (Civ4)

    This is the third edition of a four-part series about National Wonders which is supposed to describe the scenarios in which those play a role. As usual when evaluating a building, unit etc. in civ it´s vital to not only look at effects and abilities, but as well at costs, required technologies and most importantly the overall context: In what situation in what kind of game will the building/unit/etc. help me achieve a certain goal? The more situations and different kinds of scenarios there are, ...
  4. MP Strategies #3: Ironman/ffa - The great Modern war

    This edition of MP Strategies features about the only possibility to fight a war relying on brute force against an opponent that is rather close to you in tech and production in an Ironman/ffa game.

    The Idea

    When you are running a cottage economy from the point of having researched Democracy on, your production will quickly multiply. While before you have virtually no base production and slave everything, Universal Suffrage already gives you about 1 per tile you are ...
  5. MP Strategies #2: Ironman/ffa - "Cav Upgrade Rush"

    This strategy is designed to quickly and cheaply kill/conquer a neighbour who is some turns behind in military technology in any kind of ffa/Ironman game. Like with any Ironman/ffa strategy its not something you decide to do at the beginning of the game, but something that needs specific circumstances to become a viable option, which I am going to explain as well.

    The General Idea

    The Idea is to upgrade 20-30 Knights to Cavalry once they become available and add some ...
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