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  1. Current Photo (couldn't upload elsewhere).

  2. More about me.

    Andrzej 'neo' Wysocki.
    professionally 'artistic software dev & hacker, paradigmatist, net admin'.

    * Art & Dharma Teachings drawing board (unfinished yet) :
    * Martial Arts by neomahakala108 :
    * Dragonfly Algorithm (IT Blog) :
    * Functional Paradigm (IT Blog) :
    * deviantART: ...
  3. Mottos.

    Enlightenment is the Base, Way and Goal.

    If you wish for Peace, prepare for War.

    Be quick as the Internet, alert like dragonfly and fully coordinated

    Everyone appreciates Loving Attention.

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  4. Tired of seeing demo game post on the main forum page.

  5. Apolyton Assemble!! Multi-Site Demo Game 3 is forming! Join Team Apolyton!

    Any of you have any lingering resentments toward CivFantatics, WePlayCiv, RealmsBeyond, Civ4Players or anyone else? Well now is your chance to help settle the score! Apolyton is taking on the world in a global game of civ! Teams will be fielded from popular civ sites across the Internet! Let's defeat them all in this epic demo game! Every major civ site will have their own team and we get to face off against them! Apolyton has been invited to field TWO teams. One for our Spanish ...

    Updated May 8, 2012 at 18:30 by OzzyKP

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