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  1. Ancient and Classical Cultural Policies in Civ5

    Cultural Policies are replacing Civics from Civ4. They can be activated one by one with culture points. Those are mainly accumulated by cities via buildings and wonders. Other ways include Artist specialists and the work of a Great Artist, which is a tile improvement that increases the yield of a tile by +4 culture.

    In order to open access to a tree, one has to adopt the main policy of that tree.

    The amount of culture required to open up another policy increases with ...
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  2. A Flop5 of Unique Units (Civ4)

    After I had some fun with the Top 7 List of Unique Units now a Flop 5 of those. Thanks to Moineau for the idea

    The idea is to evaluate in what possible scenarios each unique unit can be of help and how much so. Those that have the fewest scenarios where you want to have them are the weakest, the floppiest . That does not mean that each of those units is generally useless. Actually all unique units have a place in a possible scneario in a game, unlike some unique buildings which ...

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  3. The art of attacking in Civilization IV Multiplayer

    by , August 25, 2010 at 12:14 (Life Debugger - the Civ world from the view point of a coder)
    This article was originally published on the fastmoves Civ blog and was one of the most popular there, we hope it will be useful to you here too.

    Civ Multiplayer is different to Single Player in many aspects. One of those aspects is the concept of city elimination thresholds. In most teamer and CTON type games the city elimination threshold is set to 2, meaning if a player loses two cities, he is entirely eliminated from the game. In other formats – such as the duel played in the ...

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  4. Civilization V Multiplayer Concepts: City Defense and the Choke

    by , September 11, 2010 at 16:01 (Life Debugger - the Civ world from the view point of a coder)

    With Civilization V only roughly two weeks away it's time to think about the new features and how they may affect Multiplayer. Robert Plomp already has started a discussion about how one unit per tile will affect MP. I'll try to take a look at a new feature of Civ V that has the potential to change Multiplayer at least in the early stages of the game radically: The new defense abilities of cities. As the game isn't out yet some of this is based on assumptions and speculations, but I'll revisit this


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